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The Ryan Foundation Supports Catholic Education with Donation to the Diocese of Lincoln’s Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund

The Ryan Foundation recently committed to a donation of $6,000,000 to the Diocese of Lincoln’s Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund over a period of four years starting in September of 2022.

The Diocese of Lincoln benefits the Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund, which assists lower-income families and larger families with enrolling in catholic education. Specifically, families with three or more children already attending catholic schools are eligible for aid from the fund. The 6 Catholic high schools and 24 Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese of Lincoln serve approximately 6000 students each year, in communities such as Lincoln, Hastings, McCook, Plattsmouth, Nebraska City, Wahoo and many more. Additionally, their schools have maintained a firm commitment to welcoming any student who wants to attend, regardless of their family’s ability to pay tuition.

The donation will be directly used to fund tuition assistance for low-income families and families with three or more children already attending Catholic Schools. A donation will be made this year in 2022 and in the following three years amounting to a total $6,000,000 for the scholarship initiative. This will help ensure the Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund accomplishes its intended purpose of providing assistance to the families with the greatest need, while keeping tuition payments at a manageable level for each family with children enrolled in Catholic schools throughout the Diocese. Additionally, with the funding received, the Diocese of Lincoln will be able to build its own capital base in order to fund the Good Shepherd Scholarship in the future from its own funding pool. This donation from the Ryan Foundation will assist the scholarship in becoming more sustainable in the future.

To learn more about the Good Shepherd Scholarship Fund, please visit their website.

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