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The Ryan Foundation Donates to Adams County Community Outreach Center

The Ryan Foundation recently donated $10,000 to Matura Action Corporation in April 2020.

The donation will benefit the Adams County Community Outreach Center in Corning, Iowa, one of six community outreach centers operated by Matura. In addition to Adams County, Matura serves Adair, Madison, Ringgold, Taylor, and Union counties in southwest Iowa. Matura Action Corporation is a part of the Iowa Community Action Agency (ICAA) whose network of seventeen partner agencies provides assistance to over 320,000 Iowans annually through a wide range of services intended to empower low-income citizens to become self-sufficient and full participants in their communities.

The donation will help repair and replace the refrigerators and freezer in the food pantry, provide food pantry items for the community food bank program, and support the community assistance program for those who have lost their jobs and are in need of financial support to pay bills, prescriptions, and other living needs.

Dr. Ryan never forgot his roots, and he continuously helped support his hometown throughout his life. Whether it was scholarships to the high school, repairing the Church roof or building apartments for visiting Physicians. His dedication to his hometown was unwavering, and he was always there to lend a helping hand.

To learn more about Matura Action Corporation, please visit their website.

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