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The Ryan Foundation makes additional donation to the JPII Newman Center

The Ryan Foundation donated an additional $1,000,000 to the St. John Paul II Newman Center of Omaha, Nebraska in July of 2022.

The JPII Newman Center in Omaha was a $25.6M project built in 2016 in response to a need to grow campus Catholic ministry housed at St. Margaret Mary and a need for quality student housing in Omaha. The JPII Newman Center was a dream made possible through the work of a few and financial support of many. The Organization actively serves 160 students housed in Newman Hall, and over 200+ community members who call the center their home away from home. Additionally, the center has hundreds of students involved in peer-led small groups, community events, and service projects.

The Ryan Foundation’s donation will be used for the JPII Newman’s debt reduction campaign “From the Rooftops.” This donation will allow the JPII Newman Center to pay down a significant portion of its debt that is remaining from the construction loan taken out to build the Center. With the debt reduced to a more manageable level, future donor provided funds can be used instead to grow the ministry, and its impact in the Omaha community.

Eileen and Wayne Ryan believed in Catholic education and the need for a connection to the Church as a strength when faced with life’s challenges. The JPII Newman Center provides that connection for students.

To learn more about the St. John Paul II Newman Center, please visit their website.

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