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The Ryan Foundation donates to the Children's Respite Care Center of Omaha

The Ryan Foundation pledged $29,428 to the Children’s Respite Care Center (CRCC) of Omaha in July 2020.

CRCC is dedicated to supporting children with medical, cognitive, developmental, or behavioral needs in the Omaha metro area. Over the past year, the organization worked with more than 600 children from birth to age 21 through their highly individualized day, weekend, summer camp, school- and community-based programs.

Dr. Ryan and Eileen were supporters of the CRCC and their mission during their lives. The Ryan Foundation has donated $20,000 to the CRCC since 2000. With this donation the Foundation continues to support organizations where Dr. and Mrs. Ryan identified a need and chose to help.

The purpose of this donation is to support CRCC’s new program assisting teenagers and young adults with disabilities that will struggle to live independently. The funds will specifically be used to outfit two Life Skills Apartments at CRCC’s facilities. These apartments will serve as an environment to help teens and young adults with developmental disabilities, injuries, or illnesses to learn appropriate skills for independent living. The outfitting of the apartments will serve to enhance the basic skills needed for teens to effectively transition into adulthood, by simulating activities of daily living, such as meal preparation, laundry, home maintenance, and social skills.

For more information about CRCC and their mission please visit their website.

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